About Us

Dalton Solutions offers highly effective, unarmed security guards and expert consultants. We believe in being proactive, responsive and customer focused. Dalton Solutions has developed into a boutique security company to provide premium services to businesses and individuals throughout the central Sydney area. We focus on addressing the challenges of clients who understand their needs and value the combination of our expert service and responsiveness.

At Dalton Solutions, we believe that instead of trying to saturate a clients premises with a large number of inexperienced and low paid guards, it is important to actively engage with the task at hand and develop an effective set of operational methods for preventing security breaches. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of professionalism and service, whilst providing a safe environment for our clients, and protecting their interests.

We believe that real security challenges require real security solutions. Anything else represents a failure to acknowledge foreseeable security liabilities. We provide intelligent guards and an on-site venue supervisor to help our clients meet their obligations to provide a safe environment.

Dalton Solutions Certificates and Licenses

Master License Number: 000100405

ACN: 641 469 267

Australian Business Number: 15 641 469 267

Public Liability Insurance: Lloyds of London ($10 million)

Dalton Solutions is also a member of the Security Providers Association of Australia Limited (SPAAL) and complies with all mandatory industry standards.

SPAAL Membership Number GM4070

Master License: 000106513
ACN: 641 469 267
ABN: 15 641 469 267
Dalton Solutions is an Australian professional security service provider, offering highly effective, unarmed security guards and expert consultants for any size venue or event. Located in the heart of Sydney.